The camigo app for smartphones and tablets connects camper and find camping friends in the surrounding area. (Photo: camigo)

The camigo app for smartphones and tablets connects camper and find camping friends in the surrounding area. (Photo: camigo)

Camigo – a new app crosslinks camper

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Tourists currently have the choice between thousands of places across Europe. In order to maintain an overview and network with other camping fans, the app “camigo” was developed.

The application for Android and iOS devices unifies all features you need for an adventurous camping holiday. You can download it directly and for free in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store.
In addition to a directory of more than 10,000 camping sites, the app is mainly concentrated on the communication between camping friends.

The built-in messenger connects campers to places all over Europe. The innovation: the users are automatically displayed. If you arrive at a place, the app displays location-based other “camigos” in the area, to get in touch with.

The app distinguishes between direct messages and a virtual public notice board for the respective campsite or parking space. Users can write messages to an open message Board, which can be viewed by all visitors to the campsite.

The advantage is obvious. A few years ago, it was a pure matter of luck if your neighbor had the same interests as you did on the campsite. With camigo you can find the tennis player or a companion for the excursion all over the place. Even if you urgently need a certain tool or grill lighter, camigo helps out.

The app also shows not only pitches for campmobiles and campsites with photos and detailed information, but also provides excursion tips, restaurants or the nearest pharmacy. Camigo always displays precisely the information that is relevant on the spot.

The evaluation system, which is also implemented, has a special feature designed to prevent false evaluations: information made by users on site is marked as “verified”. “About this novel evaluation model, we can virtually exclude fake ratings,” says Guido Rasch, who had the idea to camigo.

further information: to the website of camigo (english)

Claus-Detlev Bues

Claus-Detlev Bues

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