The channel bridge of Cacor is a world famous landmark in the municipality of Moissan. (Photo: CRT Midi-Pyrenees)

The channel bridge of Cacor is a world famous landmark in the municipality of Moissan. (Photo: CRT Midi-Pyrenees)

Discovering the South of France – Midi Pyrenees

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At the beginning of the summer holidays, endless lines of tourists travel to the shores of the Mediterranean in cars, caravans and mobile homes. The Midi-Pyrenees region is often forgotten. A mistake, as our visit there proves.

The largest French region with eight departments between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and between the Central Massif and the Spanish Pyrenees is still unknown as a holiday destination, although a wealth of magnificent landscapes, picturesque cities and unique accommodation possibilities the mobile visitor await.

Midi-Pyrenees is the region of wide horizons and intact nature, thus an ideal opportunity for great camping holidays: relaxing on beautiful shores, spending the night in green surroundings, fun and activities for all. Whether in the Pyrenees, in the gorges of the Tarn or in the shadow of cliffs in the valley of the Dordogne, there are suitable facilities for every camping enthusiast.

In the recent years not only many small municipalities, farms, winery, country inns and private individuals, but also many campsite operators recognized the benefits of providing short-term overnight accommodation to mobile guests with their caravans, tents and mobile homes. Almost always in extraordinary beautiful landscaped areas, more than 450 small, family-run pitches for three, four mobile as well as comfortable five-star facilities with wellness areas and complete offer for campers have emerged.

Also noteworthy is the social commitment of the campsite owners of the Midi-Pyrenees region to operate their places environmentally friendly. In addition, there are more than 2,000 low-cost camping pitches in the region, which are close to nature and are often isolated. Between the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees and the high plateaus of the Massif Central,a holiday region can be explored by the guests, which is hard to beat.

Only briefly mentioned here is the most modern technology, presented by Airbus in Toulouse, on the other hand breathtaking panoramas on the ascent of the Pic du Midi de Bigorre, the grandiose episcopal town Albi, the shady plane trees along the banks of the Canal du Midi, adrenaline – Gorges of the Tarn, hiking on the historical pilgrimage route to Santiago, visiting the pilgrimage town of Lourdes, a mountain tour at an altitude of 3,000 meters to the peaks of the Pyrenees, or the immersion in the history of our ancestors. The ancestors of the Pyrenees found their ancestors 14,000 years ago Living conditions.

Caves offered shelter against bad weather conditions, wild animals and varied edible plants provided for food. In Midi-Pyrenees, the early people have left their mark on a high craftsmanship. The caves of Niaux and Mas d’Azil as well as the prehistoric parc of Tarascon allows exciting journeys into the past and the lives of our ancestors. In addition, the four regional nature parks in Midi-Pyrenees, with their varied landscapes, constantly offer new impressions: alpine pastures, idyllic hillsides, clear lakes and rivers, as well as exceptional landscapes such as the Tarn Gorge or the Dordogne Valley.

This holiday destination is therefore ideal for hiking, cycling, wild water sports and in winter for skiing in the Pyrenees. For boat tourism, the rivers and canals, including the Canal du Midi, are a magnificent area, the largest in Southern Europe. Not to forget the well-known and popular gastronomy in the south-west of France and the region with the average sunshine of 2,000 hours per year in our neighboring country.

Do you, dear reader, need more tips and further information to visit this exciting and relaxing region in the south-west of France? Then take the time for a detailed visit to the great and very informative website of Midi-Pyrenees. At least now, you will be well advised to leave the Midi-Pyrenees region on your way south on the left.

further information: to the website of Midi Pyrenees (english)

Hans-Christian Bues

Hans-Christian Bues

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