Dream tour from Düsseldorf to Beijing in 67 days. The participants are in a good mood. Five adventurers come from NRW. (Photo: tom)

Dream tour from Düsseldorf to Beijing in 67 days. The participants are in a good mood. Five adventurers come from NRW. (Photo: tom)

Dream tour – Traveling by caravan from Düsseldorf to Beijing

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In 67 days from Düsseldorf to Beijing

This large trip begins for 39 participants with 21 mobile homes under the direction of Kostya Abert. After about ten weeks and more than 13,000 kilometers, the group is expected as illustrious guests at the “All in Caravaning” trade fair in Beijing (23 to 25 June 2017).

The incredible journey takes the participants from Dusseldorf via Warsaw to Riga, Moscow, the Volga River Delta and further on through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan with Chiwa and finally in such legendary places as Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent.

And if this won’t be enough, then there still waits a great part of the route on the Silk Road through China for the adventurers.

Kostya Abert has already visited these regions many times and is looking forward to the landscapes and cultural diversity in the vast country of China!

“In China, we have been watching the caravaning scene for quite a few years, and the Chinese have also found a way to build up the “caravan”format to develop and to build more campsites,” says Tour Manager Abert. “The supply situation has improved a lot and is no longer comparable to that in previous years. And technical progress has increased worldwide, especially in the area of ​​communication … and it makes organizing easier … and thus also increases safety,” mentioned Kostya Abert.

Nevertheless, there is a certain amount of excitement and concentrated anticipation on a big adventure with the campmobile, which can not be experienced by every caravaning fan.

During the exciting stages the DCI will have several contacts with Kostya Abert and will report on the progress of the trip.

further information: to the website of seabridge-tours.de (english)

further information: to the website of Konstantin Abert and team (german)

to person: Kostya Abert
Konstantin Abert, born in 1967
For 20 years in the territory of the CIS by Reisemobil
More than 300,000 km
Insider knowledge, varied travel experience
Kostya Abert is fluent in Russian and English and also learns more and more Chinese.
He is a travel book author and regularly publishes reports about traveling in Eastern Europe and North Asia.

Since 2005 he has guided the following tours:
4 x Great Asia Tour
4 x Russia North 3 x Russia & Ukraine
1 x Baltic States 1 x East Prussia
2 x Oman 1 x Madagascar
1 x Round The World

Too much for Google. The software needs two maps to figure the journey!
From Düsseldorf to Kashgar in Usbekistan

and then up to Beijing:

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