Can I participate in contests?

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Hmmh.. it depends…

For legal and organizational reasons, only participants who are domiciled in the Federal Republic of Germany can participate in contests.
But don’t be sad! You are still reading the best online magazine of the caravaning world.

Can I publish my own texts on DCI?

That’s a great idea!
If you are an enthusiastic outdoor-caravaning-mobile-camping-friend (the word itself is invented 😉 )
and you have interesting reports, stories and tales which must be shared with other people –
give us a short hint!

Keep in touch at service@caravaning-institut.de
and maybe we will publish the story to the well-mannered auditorium.

Do you know a short joke?

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Britain has invented a new missile.
It’s called the civil servant.
It doesn’t work and it can’t be fired.

How can I contact you?

It’s quite simple!

We are always interested to keep in touch.
Feel free to contact us by e-Mail:

How do you earn money?

We are journalists and reputed business men. So we’ ve got other normal sources to get our earnings. Here on the website we use partnerlinks from Amazon. Thereby we are part of the world greatest affiliate program.
If you like our work you can click from time to time to one of these links to support our engagement.
We will love it, if you do so.

Of course you can book advertising on the site:

Last not least we are paid from companies for our experience in writing articles.

I want to advertise on your site! What shall I do?

Thank you!
We would love to win you as our client!

Of course we have a factsheet with mediadata for you!
Don’t hesitate to contact us at:

You can also read this first: http://english.caravaning-institut.de/advertising-for-you-with-the-dci/

Is the whole offer of DCI free for the users?

It’s all for free to the users.
Have fun on our website!

By the way, if you are interested advertising with us feel free to contact us at

What is the DCI?

We are a group of enthusiastic people from Germany interested in all themes about caravaning, camping and mobile leisure.

We share our knowledge about brands, technology and all the other stuff with our followers to create a great feeling what mobile activities can be.

DCI means “Deutsches Caravaning Institut” which means German Caravaning Institute! You’ve already thought of that, right?

Join us!

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