An Example of a 1957 Austin FX3 London Taxi -

An Example of a 1957 Austin FX3 London Taxi - By LondonTaxi at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

London Taxi Company opened a brand new factory

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The London Taxi Company (LTC) has announced the official opening of its new UK vehicle plant. Only long-range electric vehicles (Extended Range Electric Vehicles / REEV) are manufactured there. In Ansty (Coventry) this electrotaxi is produced in mass production.

LTC, the owner is the Chinese company Geely, has invested more than 300 million pounds in the new plant. This investment includes more than 1,000 new jobs, including 200 engineering posts and 30 training posts.
The plant can produce 20,000 units per year.

All LTC vehicles are equipped with the drive train and other components from Volvo Cars.
The body, with the world famous and popular look is also preserved in the new taxis.
At the same time, the manufacturer has a very high level of respect for quality. Thus the vehicles must undergo a hard test. In this test the test cars lay back almost 500,000 kilometers under difficult conditions.
This is the only way to ensure that the vehicles meet the requirements of daily urban use.
The completely new developed electrotaxi comes first at the end of 2017 in London on the market. From 2018 the worldwide roll-out will take place. The new vehicle is very competitive due to very low fuel costs compared to its predecessors.

Chris Gubbey, CEO of London Taxi Company about the new vehivcle plant

In addition to these very innovative attributes, the taxi retains its previous very customer-friendly features. It still offers space for six passengers. In addition, it can be very well used by wheelchair users.

LTC promises the new model a very good positioning in the inner-city mobility of the future.

Chris Gubbey, CEO of London Taxi Company, said:
“Today we are celebrating the rebirth of the London Taxi Company, a company with a very specific goal: the development and construction of special commercial vehicles for city operations operating in cities around the world and reducing operating costs for drivers.”

further information: to the website from LTC

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