With CoPilot Motorhome Europe, the British navi specialist ALK is presenting a camper offline navigation software for smartphones and tablets. (Photo: Work)

With CoPilot Motorhome Europe, the British navi specialist ALK is presenting a camper offline navigation software for smartphones and tablets. (Photo: Work)

New Navi-App CoPilot Motorhome Europe presented

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The UK provider of geo-logistics solutions and navigation software ALK Technologies presents the offline navigation app CoPilot Wohnmobil Europa for mobile homes and caravan teams.

The smartphone and tablet software has been specially developed for the drivers of motorhomes and trailers. The new app for mobile devices automatically calculates routes based on vehicle size and class (height, weight and length).

“We have developed a new CoPilot navigation app that meets the specific navigation needs of caravans and motorhome drivers,” said David Quin, VP Consumer Applications at ALK Technologies. “With the powerful CoPilot Motorhome Europe app, anyone who drives a camper or a caravan can navigate cheaply in Europe. Expensive roaming charges abroad and fears of turning into a road by mistake are now a thing of the past. ”

CoPilot Motorhome includes the following features for drivers:

  • Intelligent route planning with the exclusion of narrow secondary roads, route avoidance with dangerously low bridges and other roads, for which restrictions apply
  • Clear, easy-to-understand instructions to minimize the driver’s distraction
  • Screen warnings of potential hazards for larger vehicles, such as side winds, strong slopes, and sharp turns
  • Easy access to millions of useful pre-built POIs, such as campsites, service areas and gas stations
  • tour planner with several intermediate stops for storing up to 50 stops saves time and fuel costs
  • All proven CoPilot standard functions, including voice navigation, automatic routing calculation, sophisticated lane change indications for motorways and warnings on tempolimits and accidental focal points
  • 12-month real-time traffic alerts to help drivers avoid unexpected traffic congestion
  • Free card updates for Europe


The European road maps of CoPilot Motorhome Europe are downloaded directly to the smartphone or tablet, where they are ready for offline use. In this way, the device does not have to be permanently connected to a mobile network, which is not always possible in remote areas or is roaming charges abroad. CoPilot Motorhome Europe is available now on Google Play for Android and soon also in the iTunes AppStore for iOS for the price of 64.99 Euro (£ 56).

further information: to the website of ALK technologies

INFO ALK Technologies
ALK Technologies, a Trimble Group company based in London, is a global leader in GeoLogistics solutions and navigation software. The focus is on the development of innovative solutions for transport, logistics, field staff and consumers. Known products include PC-MILER, CoPilot and ALK Maps. In North America, PC-MILER is widely acknowledged as an industry standard for route guidance, driving kilometers and maps. CoPilot is one of the leading GPS navigation software offerings for fleet operators, mobile operators, hardware OEMs, system integrators, professional drivers and consumers. ALK Maps is a development platform for the transport industry, providing route guidance, georeferencing and map visualization for enterprise applications.
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Claus-Detlev Bues

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