On-road test Weinsberg Caraloft 600 MF

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Test Weinsberg Cara Loft 600 MF

If you translate Cara from the Italian and Loft from English quite literally, you get approximately the concept “loving apartment”. Could this nice word creation have stood as a pioneer in the planning, construction and production of the partly integrated Weinsberg from the Knaus Tabbert Group? Let us surprise.

Without falderal

Clearly and cleanly structured, without optical corners and edges, the 6.47-meter-long and 2.16-meter-wide part integrates rather the impression of a calm and set representative of the caravaning industry, than by aggressive design and eye-catching colors the viewers on the roadside to pull. The pleasing, dark gray hooks on the sides harmonize perfectly with the windows and the straight, straightforward styled rear.

Tischlein deck’ dich (german saying: ~ Little table cover you)

Via the electric step, you reach the comfortable and bright interior, which is cleansed by the subtle wood tones of the furniture and the free view axes and has a space-gripping effect. The semi-dinette placed on a slight elevation with the swing-out table and the rotatable driver and passenger seats offers enough space for four people, the almost vertical position of the backrest requiring “proper” sitting. A lot of light and, if desired, also a lot of air comes from the huge roof window, the swing-out part of the table plate increases the space necessary for eating and for evening rounds with four persons.

Where the master swings the spoon

The Cara Loft 600 is a typical two-person vehicle. For this reason, not only the space in the seating group is sufficient, but the compact kitchen is absolutely in order for this crew, with the 142-liter automatic refrigerator positioned on the opposite side between the wardrobe and the seat. A three-burner stove top with glass cover, a sufficiently deep stainless steel sink with single lever mixer, worktable extension, a drawer with cutlery insert, well-divided upper cabinets, centrally arranged gas control panels and a kitchen backboard made of laminate Stove working.

To know every trick in the book

Despite the compact size, there is an astonishing amount of space in the wet cell, which is equipped with a separate shower with two drains in the shower tub, a fixed shower door, a visually impressive plastic covering and a wall bracket for the shower head. The free-standing Dometic ceramic cassette toilet with electric pump is “full of luxury”, an astonishingly large corner washbasin with base cabinet, a practical mirror cabinet for all the utensils to be stowed away, a large window and a roof vent make this wet cell a neat and fully functional room bath .

Bed rest is announced

Behind the kitchen and adjacent to the bathroom is the double bed with the dimensions 201 x 133 centimeters positioned directly above the rear storage space. From a broad point of view, it is certainly not possible to classify it as a lazy meadow, but the sleeping-room for two persons, who know each other and are quite fond of it, can be described as comfortable and sufficient. Practical storage possibilities for mobile phones, watches and books are available as well as a useful night lighting in the form of two halftips and an LED chain.

Light and air comes from the centrally placed roof hatch. By flipping the slatted frame and the right mattress you can reach the rear of the rear storage space from the inside, a gas pressure damper keeps the “lid” in position. In order to increase the door opening angle slightly, the design engineers of the Cara Loft have slightly shortened the foot of the outer mattress in the width, but this is not necessarily disadvantageous when sleeping. The two mattresses are well upholstered, a curtain at the foot end separates the bedroom at least optically from the living area.


Many manufacturers have low-priced and often slightly scaled-down vehicles in their portfolio – this is perfectly fine if, as demonstrated by the Cara Loft 600 MF, the basic safety and comfort of the customer is not skimped.

In this context, the Weinsberg can also be viewed as an entry-level travel vehicle for the not so high-paying clientele, as the low-priced entry-price and the comparatively simple but solid equipment make this interesting part integrated for these clientele and of course also for landlords really interesting. To get off, go and have fun everywhere, the motto for this “lovely one-room apartment” could be on four wheels, with which two persons can fulfill the dream of independent travel at any time.

TECHNIK KOMPASSWeinsberg Cara Loft 600 MF
BasisFiat Ducato 35, Serien-Tiefrahmen mit Breitspurfahrwerk
MotorSerie 2,3 l-Multijet2 130, 2.287 ccm, 96 kW / 130 PS, Euro 6
AntriebSechsgang-Schaltgetriebe, Frontantrieb
SicherheitssystemeABS, ASR, Airbags, ESP
Testverbrauch11,9 l/100 km
Techn zul. Gesamtmasse3.500 kg
Masse in fahrb. Zustand3076 kg
Zuladung524 kg
Abmessungen L x B x H7.430 x 2130 x 2.800 mm
Bettenmaße L x BHeck-Einzelbetten längs elektrisch höhenverstellbar 2.010 x 760 mm, 1960 x 760 mm
elektrisches Hubbett Bug
1.900 x 1300/1110 mm
Dinettbett 2.120 x 850 mm
Sitz- / Schlafplätze5/5
Innenhöhe1.980 mm
Frisch- / Abwasser Tanks100 l innen / 115 l unterflur
WasseranlageWasseranlage Schläuche mit Druckpumpe
Bord-Akku / Typ95 Ah / AGM
Gasvorrat2 x 11 kg Flaschen
HeizungGas-Gebläseheizung Truma Combi 4 mit CP-Plus Bedienteil
Grundpreisab 61.890,- Euro
Serienausstattung (Auszug)Fahrer-Beifahrerairbag, Klimaanlage Fahrerhaus, Solaranlage, Rückfahrkamera, Tempomat, Fliegengittertür, Aufbautür mit Fenster, Panoramadachfenster, Truma Combi 4, Kühlschrank Absorber Automatic 140 Liter, elektrische Bettenbedienung
Sonderausstattung Testfahrzeug
Preis Testfahrzeug65.512,- Euro
HERSTELLER / VERTRIEBRoller Team Deutschland
Postfach 1260
D-55573 Sprendlingen
Tel. 06701/203820
eigenes Händlernetz
Grundriss Tag / Nacht

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Hans-Christian Bues

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