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The great prince from Italy

The decision of the Italian scooter team to give the carousel the name Granduca (Grand Prince) is certainly brave in the approach, but according to the situation and after a long test drive through the French Pyrenees as well managed and well hit .
With the Granduca 284 TL, a remarkable design has succeeded in the Italian ideas forging, which feels at home under the umbrella of the French trigano group. The stately 7.43 meters of the Granduca not only make a lasting impression from the side thanks to a contrasting and sleek design, the front and the rear of the compact part integrated fit without great optical interruptions to the cleanly stylized overall impression of the 2.31 wide and 2, 82 high passenger car from the production of the scooter team, which is regarded as the market leader in leisure vehicles in Italy.
The interior, which is equipped with a large window, leads to the interior, which immediately gives a comfortable and generously dimensioned impression. Bright leather upholstery with elegant brown appliqués around a white table, which can be moved and enlarged in all directions, white Italian doors, drawers, curtains and flooring, which could not be more beautifully expressed in a sea-going yacht, help the chic Italian Overall to a grand princely atmosphere.

The basic construction of the technically demanding and wood-free construction in hail-resistant and decay-free GfK sandwich construction is also suitable for this purpose, which, due to the use of Styrofoam as insulation, not only results in an extremely high strength but also an optimized temperature and sound insulation. 130 Diesel horses were stretched in front of our Fiat Ducato test car, resting on a factory frame chassis and ensuring a balanced, stable and very handy handling.
With the lifting bed in “sleep mode”, the door is blocked. (Photo: det)
Even when fully loaded, there were no uncertainties or unpleasant winds in the narrow roundabouts installed throughout Europe. The consumption also stayed in the mix with around twelve liters in predictable and calculated limits even with steep pass rides, fast motorway sections and varied country road sections with the six-speed manual gearbox.

With the diesel tank “a number bigger” the distances between the annoying tank stops could be extended considerably and one might arrive a bit earlier to the evening destination to enjoy all comforts in the living area, kitchen, bath and sleeping compartment of the rolling grand prince.

Let’s start where the day usually starts and ends often – in the living area with the seat group, the Granduca consists of a tight but pleasantly padded L-seat with two safety belts, the rotatable driver’s seats and a longitudinal bench. Ample seating for four people – for eating, playing cards or for the round of beer, the centrally positioned table (68 x 54 centimeters) should be enlarged to the maximum area of ​​68 x 90 centimeters.

To the right steep backrests one quickly became accustomed, the closed curtains look visually great, but a little restrict the freedom of movement on the seatbanks. Just over two meters above the ground, the generously dimensioned lifting bed is positioned above the seat group.

With a seating area of ​​190 x 132 (110) centimeters, the electrically retractable bed is not only suitable for children and small people. The ascent to the night quarter is not quite as comfortable as the comfortable mattresses, the lighting and the lavish storage facilities on the first floor, but with a little practice …

On the other hand, the “food-workroom”, formerly called kitchen, is much more senior-oriented. Ample stainless steel sink, pharmacy cabinet, a narrow, but well-equipped 140 liter refrigerator with freezer, bottle and vegetable compartment, freezer compartment, A clever “trash separation system” consisting of four compartments, plenty of light and sockets in the right places make the heart of every cook beat faster.

The kitchen with a closed stove, sink and the practical waste separation offers the chef plenty of storage space and work space. (Photo: det)
The kitchen with a closed stove, sink and the practical waste separation offers the chef plenty of storage space and work space. (Photo: det)
The conceptual considerations and the implemented solutions of the engineer team are clearly visible in the sanitary area of ​​the Italian. On just about oneM square meters are not only a comfortable rotatable toilet, but also an interestingly styled washbasin, large wall mirrors and various storage facilities and closets for toilet articles. A properly positioned window and a roof opening allow light and air to enter the Which is located opposite the approximately 75 x 75 cm large shower cubicle with a comfortable seating possibility and can be separated by means of a clean closing door to the living room and thus can be transformed into a room bath. The separation of the complete sanitary area towards the sleeping area in the Rear by means of a, sometimes somewhat bulky, folding door in practice. These separation possibilities guarantee a certain degree of privacy not only for the “rear sleepers” but also for the users of the lift bed in certain situations. The electric height adjustment is achieved by means of two steps, which are used as storage spaces Positioned single beds in the rear. With a size of 190 x 76 cm each, the beds equipped with wooden slats and cold foam mattresses are not only easy to reach; they can also be converted into a large “lotter bed” by means of a padding to be inserted. Two adequately proportioned stowage boxes on the back wall are only with To get a little crabbing, but also loosely the clothes and clothes for a long vacation. Not only a small storage for clock, mobile phone and the nightly crime, but also a further light switch for the entire lighting, which is only once in the entrance area, we have missed in the otherwise privileged sleeping-house. Conclusion: With a chic and classy appearance In the interior, the Italian part integrates as well as with high-quality work in the construction, inside the interior, in the area of ​​the noise and heat insulation and in the complete technical equipment. The parking possibilities in the two-sided accessible garage could as well as convince as processing, Equipment and quality of life of sanitary facilities, kitchen, living and sleeping area. The small point deductions due to the small details mentioned above and the drain cock for the dirt water tank, which could only be reached very badly and could be injured to the user, were of course not able to smother the positive picture of the Italian grand prince on four wheels.

Hans-Christian Bues

Hans-Christian Bues

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Hans-Christian Bues