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The segment of partially integrated paarmobiles is used by the Compact series. The small part integrators should position themselves as handy traveling companion for two persons in the market.

The Adria Compact range consists of six vehicles. While the two Compact Axess-Mobiles are now running on a Citroën basis as newcomers, the four CompactPlus vehicles with expanded equipment based on the Fiat Ducato are coming to the customer.

More choice results from this division into two model lines – Axess and Plus – as it is already known from the other Adriatic series. Thus, the buyer can choose between two outfits, equipment and thus also two price levels.

2017 is the Adriocompact, which is only 2.12 meters wide, has a much more sleek design and shines with a smart T-hood above the driver’s cabin. Markant: The large panorama window in the roof hood allows even more light to the seat group. The Adria Compact SL is a two-seater with a classic layout: seat group made of semi-dinette, longitudinal kitchen, sanitary space on the driver’s side and single beds in the rear.

Tidy interior

The seat group is built on a heated ground podest, which also offers some storage space. The small side seat can be pulled out and supplements the seating group of semi-dinette and the driver’s seats. Behind his back is a flat wardrobe. New in the living room are the hanger cabinets with concave vaulted flaps, which offer more Kopffreiheit and a better room feeling.

Pretty sanitary space

Classically, the sanitary space on the driver’s side. Integrated shower, separated by Plexiglas, a rotatable cassette toilet and a cleverly concealed folding washbasin, the pretty wood-washed washroom.


The bedroom in the stern

The rear bedroom with the single beds is chic and cozy. In particular, the ambient lighting contributes as much as the three concave wall units and the two-color wall covering. The three steps, which lead comfortably to the beds, are partially used as storage space. The gap between the mattresses can be closed by two additional cushions to convert the bed into a large double bed.


The Adria Compact SL is a smartly designed part integrator for two, which requires a bit more comfort. Not only because of the solid construction, but also thanks to the high-quality equipment and generous space offer is the compact integrated part of Adria convincing.

further information: www.adria-mobil.com

Technik-Info Adria Compact SL
Basis Fiat Ducato 35, Flachrahmen
Sitz- / Schlafplätze 4/2 (Option Dinette +1)
Maße 6.620 x 2.120.x 2.750 mm
Zul. Gesamtmasse 3.500 kg
Leermasse 2.825 kg
Bettenmaß Hubbett 1.970 x 800 / 1.870 x 800 mm
Grundpreis ab 54.999,- Euro
Claus-Detlev Bues

Claus-Detlev Bues

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Claus-Detlev Bues