A crisp nasal bear with compact dimensions: the Eura Terrestra 570 HS. (Photo: det)

A crisp nasal bear with compact dimensions: the Eura Terrestra 570 HS. (Photo: det)

Quick&easy – Eura Terrestra 570

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Just a few years ago, the alcove was the most popular and most widely used car on Europe’s roads. Not only families with small children, but also professional landlords spent many years on this vehicle type. This is why the alcove continues to be an integral part of the vehicle program for many well-known manufacturers. Because: Great alcove means great freedom – Eura sets new standards with the Terrestra 570.

The first impression decides

The Eura alcove vehicle is significantly bullier and higher than the four other semi-integrated vehicles that should come on the photo. An observer of the scene said, “He looks like a muscle man!” The Terrestra 570, whose voluminous alcove clearly serves as a viewpoint, can be described in its overall concept rather as compact, powerful, energetic.

The overall impression of the nearly six-meter-long vehicle can be described as quite coherent and well-proportioned in combination with the attractive exterior design and the subtile color scheme. The total height of about 3.20 meters is a little above the cut, but promises room and space in the bedroom above the driver’s cab.

If the chef is satisfied, the team is happy

Via an electrically extendable step you reach the interior, which at first glance brings a bright and friendly impression. The 37 cm high double floor opens up a practical pocket for shoes in the middle of the three entry levels. Good solution. The kitchen area, which adjoins the entrance area, has a three-burner, glass-fronted cooking hob and a sufficiently deep sink with a swivel-and-pivot tap and anti-drip outlet.

The voluminous upper cabinets are sensibly divided and equipped with jogging edges (“Rüttelkanten”). The three deep and well-loaded drawers are equipped with a self-drawer and a soft-stop, the cabinet closes with shapely handles. The practically positioned 175 liter automatic refrigerator sums up all the delicious ingredients that the cook needs to make his team happy. Even more satisfied would be the kitchen master, there would be more space for the preparations.

… “that flow for the purpose of water …

… and pour forth a rich, full swallow to the bath. ” Goethe’s sorcerer’s apprentice used the absence of the sorcerer to let the water flow, but the spell to stop the water was no longer the intention of the apprentice. Can certainly not happen in Terrestra.

The compact size of the vehicle, with its integrated shower cubicle, has two thirsty drains in the shower tub as well as faucets that regulate the temperature and water flow optimally. Practical stowage cabinets with mirrors, twist toilet and 230 volt outlet are just as natural as hand wash basins, perfect lighting and ventilation. Only the left door of the wet cell collides with the raised ladder to the alcove.

Base table or double bed in the stern

A rear seat group, as in our test vehicle directly behind the really praiseworthy, because unusually practical wardrobe installed, has in my opinion much more advantages than disadvantages. For a cozy round at the evening card game is around the retractable table as much space, as lunch with the kids. Large, wide-opening windows and the huge panorama roof above the table provide light and air, even in the corners with the rounded upholstery, comfortable seating is possible.

A cozy TV evening with “feet up”, cool beer and sweets on the table stands really nothing in the way. The table is lowered with a few hand movements. After the third attempt, the padding puzzle also fits in well and a 2.0-by-1,45-meter double bed is created. Annoying: Slipping of the upholstery parts during nightly movements. The existing lighting is perfectly adjusted for both day and night operation. A curtain separates the rear bedroom from the rest of the living area.

Beautiful living on the first floor

The optional seat extension to four people requires the assembly of two seats with three-point support for the seatbelt in the middle of the rear seat group. This not only defines the permissible number of persons during the journey, but also in the nightly resting state. With a lying area of 2.10 x 1.62 meters, he still surpasses the size of the rear group and is therefore not only suitable for the children. Exceptional headroom of just over 82 cm, good lighting, heatability, various storage possibilities and super comfortable mattresses make the “Oberstübchen” (i. e. first floor) in the Terrestra a coveted night quarters.

Square is in the smallest cottage

The Terrestra 570 is ideally designed for two adults and two children. Not only the tank and sewage capacities, but also the existing storage spaces in the double floor, in the cabinets, the drawers, in the wardrobe and in the externally loadable storage units, is not only sufficient, but is clearly above the average. Partitions in the double floor storage space, which was too small for small items of luggage, would prevent the annoying searching and shifting of the stowage.

The Terrestra on Fiat Ducato, which we had driven and equipped with both the 150 hp engine and the Comfort-Matic gearbox, was comfortably and without any problems chauffeing. Both in city traffic, on country roads and highways, due to its compact dimensions. The consumption moved between 11 and 13 liters, which is an absolutely normal value for a “nose bear”.


With the latest Terrestra 570 HS alcove model, the engineers and developers in Sprendlingen have done a very good job. Compact size, four fully-equipped sleeping places, a cozy rear seat group and an amazing amount of storage space for a six-meter-long vehicle. Four people will surely like to spend their holidays in this vehicle. The price-performance ratio is right!

further information: to the website of Eura Mobil (english)

technical information Eura Terrestra 570 HS
Basis Fiat Ducato 35 with original chassis, 2,3 Liter Multijet Diesel, 109 kw / 148 hp, Automatik, Frontantrieb, ABS, ASR, ESP, Euro 5+
Seating / sleeping places 4/ 4
dimensions 5.979 x 2.334 x 3.190
total permissible mass 3.500 kg
empty weight 2.495 kg
rear bed
alkove bed
2.000 x 1.450 mm
2.100 x 1.620 mm
basic price ab 60.490,- Euro / £ 51.300
Hans-Christian Bues

Hans-Christian Bues

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