McRent now in finland with a second station (Photo: McRent)

McRent now in finland with a second station (Photo: McRent)

RV McRent with new rental station in Finland

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Europe’s largest mobile home rental McRent has opened the second rental station in Rovaniemi in Finland and the eighth in Northern Europe.

The new McRent station is located in the far north of Finland, making it an ideal addition to the already existing station in Helsinki in the south of the country. The McRent station in Bjerkvik recently opened in northern Norway.
McRent now offers four stations in Norway, as well as two in Finland and Sweden. Holidaymakers can now reserve their mobile home at the Rovaniemi rental station and receive them on the spot. Also one-way rentals to Helsinki or the other way around are possible for a fee at the new station. This makes the rental station interesting for a roadtrip across Finland, from Helsinki in the south to Rovaniemi in the north.

Directly between the two places lie about 800 kilometers. Hardly any one will choose the fastest route, but innumerable natural beauty is waiting to be discovered in Finland. The Finnish lake plate, for example, is the largest lake area in Europe with 100,000 square kilometers and consists of over 42,000 lakes. Many beautiful campsites lie directly on the lake.

If you are looking for absolute freedom, you can also use Wildcamps according to everyone’s right. This means that camping is permitted everywhere, as long as animals and humans are not disturbed and the environment is protected. McRent tip: Experience white nights, make the night a day and have plenty of time to explore the beauty of Scandinavia. During the Midnight Sun, this is possible in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Because from mid-May to the end of July, the sun is hardly going down there, which makes traveling to the north of Europe particularly attractive for many holidaymakers. Particularly beautiful are the so-called “white nights”, which take place around the time of the summer turn on 21 June.

The name derives from the color of the sky. In the white nights it is not really dark and the sky is partially dipped in mystical pink-lilac light. The most famous festival is probably the Swedish “Midsommar”. But there is also a celebration in Finland, namely the Johannus festival. On this occasion, the Finns fire a bonfire and celebrate extensively with friends and family. For this, dances are danced, and many Finns decorate their houses with branches and flowers.

further information: To the website of McRent (english/multi)

McRent is a brand of the Rental Alliance GmbH, which is part of the Erwin Hymer Group and is based in Isny, and was founded in 2004. In 2016 about 2,600 Reisemobile are in the stock. In total there were about 21,600 rentals. The company currently have 27 rental stations in Germany, as well as 46 rental locations in England, Estonia, France, Finland, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain.

Claus-Detlev Bues

Claus-Detlev Bues

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