The Swiss Veloland Route 99, known as the Herzroute, was extended around the Herzschlaufe Seetal. (Photo: Seetal)

The Swiss Veloland Route 99, known as the Herzroute, was extended around the Herzschlaufe Seetal. (Photo: Seetal)

Switzerland – Cycle route in the Valley of Castles and Lakes

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The Swiss Veloland Route 99, known as the “Herzroute” (i.e. heart route), is a touristic very attractive e-bike route between the Lake Geneva and the Lake Constance. It was extended by the attractive heart loop of Seetal.

The new part of the route leads along picturesque paths and roads to historic sites and idyllic lakes. From the end of April 2016, Eschenbach LU will leave the Herzroute, the heart of Seetal. The complementary loop leads off the traffic to almost 120 km over the Lindenberg to Lenzburg and over the Böhler back to Eschenbach. On the second day of the tour, thanks to the gentle support of the electric motor, pearls of the Cantons of Aargau and Lucerne can also be discovered by inexperienced cyclists.

13 years after the first attempts, the Herzroute has become a success story and a solid tourist size in Switzerland. It connects Switzerland like no other cycling route: in 13 stages and over 700 kilometers, the guest crosses the country from Lake Geneva to Lake Constance on the e-bike.

Now the popular route in the heart of Switzerland is extended by an attractive section. The bureau of Seetaltourismus, together with the experienced Herzrouten-Team, designed the so called Herzschlaufe Seetal. The route is nearly completed. From April 2016 the guests can discover 120 kilometers of unknown areas of the cantons Aargau and Lucerne.

The tour offers two great day-trips away from the traffic: on the 51 kilometer-long «Ostast» you pass by blooming high-tribal cultures, over the Lindenberg with a view of the Baldegger and Hallwilersee as well as the alpine panorama. On the 66 kilometer-long “Westast” you will enter the green valleys and heights of the Aargau and the region Beromünster-Sempachersee in the canton of Lucerne. The route is signposted as the local Velo route 599 in both directions.

A look at the route shows that the Herzroute of Seetal is much more than an ordinary bike ride. It is a unique experience for all ages. The route is aimed to e-bikers. This allows you to enjoy the fascinating landscapes, the unknown areas and the many sights along the route.

Even if it goes uphill! The Seetal and the enchanting landscapes along the route can also be easily explored by guests who would not otherwise take such a tour, thanks to the gentle support of the electric motor.

further information: to the website Herzschlaufe Seetal (german)

INFO The Seetal
The Seetal valley of the mystic castles, the sparkling lakes, picturesque villages, gentle hillsides and quaint brooks and ponds - lies between Emmen, north of the city of Lucerne and the medieval small town of Lenzburg. The popular recreation area in the Mittelland can be reached comfortably by the S9 from Lenzburg or Lucerne and can be explored on foot or by bicycle. The Seetal has a lot to offer tourists. Highlights include Wildegg, Lenzburg, Heidegg and the enchanting waterfall Hallwyl from the 11th century, the 125-year-old shipping company of the Hallwilersee (SGH) and the new Velowanderroute Herzschlaufe Seetal. Lake Hallwilersee is inviting with clean water, dreamy shores, romantic bathing places and family-friendly beach baths, as well as the unique lakeside walk around the lake.

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Claus-Detlev Bues

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