Brewery and Museum of Maisel Brothers. (Photo: Maisel)

Brewery and Museum of Maisel Brothers. (Photo: Maisel)

Typical German? Beer, Bayreuth and breweries

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It is the oldest still existing food legislation in the world: the Reinheitsgebot of 1516 (i.e. German Beer Purity Law). It stipulates that beer, exclusively hops, malt, water and yeast, may be used for the production of beer. In 2016, the law was 500 years old – reason enough to devote itself today to beer, its tradition and diversity, and to follow the footsteps of Franconian brewing – this time to Bayreuth.

After a long and impressive drive with the camper when a great parking space is reached, the awning is rolled out and on cozy camping chairs a fantastic sunset over the hills in the west is observed, then the time is ripe, for a fresh, cool beer. In some cases, the question appears: What is that in my glass and what work is actually in this refreshingly foaming liquid?

And one thing is certain, beer brewing – that is more than the four ingredients that are prescribed according to the purity of water, hops, malt and yeast. For beer brewing, it needs craftsmanship and passion, love for the product and a good portion of experience. Those who want to learn more about the art of brewing beer can experience a lot of them at the Maisel’s Brewery Museum in Bayreuth.

This brewery museum is not a sterile exhibition about the brewing industry, but a lively industrial history. All the equipment, from the steam engine in the engine room to the kettle, to the refrigerator ship (“Kühlschiff” – a technical term) and the bottlery, are still in the original and stand at the place where they served until the 1970s.

During the duration of the one hour guided tour you will not only experience the historical facilities and machines, but you will also learn a lot about the beer itself: what kinds of ingredients are needed, where do the ingredients come from, how does the brewing process take place? Questions are allowed of course, because with beer everyone has certainly his own experiences, right? The tour ends at the Old Bottlery, a very special room of the Maisel’s Brauereimuseum.

The tables were rebuilt around the old filling machines and on the walls the visitors will find all sorts of interesting, historical and amusing things about beer and the brewery. Then there is also a tasting of a fresh Maisel’s Weisse and the possibility to equip themselves in the shop for the domestic beer enjoyment. Admission: 5, – Euro, including a fresh Maisel’s White.

further information: to the website Maisel museum (german)

During the normal opening hours of the museum there are always plenty of parking spaces available at the brewery yard. For driver, who want to deal more intensively with the art of brewery and their products, the designated, fee-paying parking spaces at the Lohengrin-Therme are available.

further information: parking at the Lohengrin thermal spring

Hans-Christian Bues

Hans-Christian Bues

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