The Deutsches Caravaning Institut (DCI – i.e. “German Caravaning Institute”) is the independent competence center for industry, trade, specialist media and consumers. The promotion and development of all topics related to caravaning, tourism and mobile leisure has been the goal.

The DCI team brings cutting-edge news, expert vehicle and accessory tests, describes trends, talks to decision-makers, accompanies innovations and is a reliable and knowledgeable partner for politics, associations, manufacturers, trade and consumers.

The DCI platform is the website www.caravaning-institut.de, where renowned professional journalists and experts provide informative and controversial information on topics that move the industry.

A competent network of international journalists is available for a look at foreign markets and activities. DCI’s editorial team is constantly working to find interesting and exciting stories for the readers.

The departments in the DCI

Department test, technic & traffic
Ing. Hans F. Schwarz, Siegfried Semper, Claus-Detlev Bues, Dipl. Ing. Thomas Kefferpütz

Department tourism & mobile leisure
Hans-Christian Bues, Martin Häußermann, Erich Trimborn

Department marketing, public relations und new media
Thomas Schmies, Claus-Detlev Bues, Hans-Christian Bues

Department events & tutorials
Tilman Strauss, Thomas Dingler

Department politics, justice & environment
Claus-Detlev Bues, Thomas Schmies, Martin Häußermann

Department technical services, economy, statistics, market analysis
Dr. Markus Rosellen, Barthel Gmein, Thomas Dingler

Referat international relations & european politics
Angela Oestmann, Brüssel, Henri Brack, Luxemburg, Dr. Thomas Wörstein, Südost-Europa / Kanada, Werner Kellner, China