Electric bikes are popular as never before. The German Verkehrsclub informs with a special portal about the e-bikes. (Photo: det)

Electric bikes are popular as never before. The German Verkehrsclub informs with a special portal about the e-bikes. (Photo: det)

Verkehrsclub Germany: All E-Bikes at a glance


The Internet portal “Better E-Bike Purchases” of the Verkehrsclub Deutschland e.V. (VDC) provides an overview with tips on the purchase and safe handling of over 1,100 new market novelties.

The upswing of electric bicycles in Germany is unbroken. As a mobility solution in urban and rural areas, they are gaining in importance. According to Bycicle-Industrial-Association ZIV, 605,000 E-wheels were sold in 2016, an increase of 13 percent compared to the previous year. This means currently about three million electric bikes on the road, the share of e-bikes in the bicycle overall market is currently 15 percent.

The trend is that the target groups become younger and more sporty and the e-mountain bike is becoming increasingly popular. The product range of the manufacturers is huge. But more and more e-bikes are driving on Germany’s roads. These increasingly play an important role in the logistics of goods and cargo. Especially in the urban environment, bicycles and their electrical relatives will help enormously in the future to relieve our cities of supply.

The advantages of e-bikes: slopes or gradients are no longer hurdles, and even over longer distances of up to 20 kilometers they can easily keep up with the car, thus replacing it.

If you are considering a purchase, the VCD (“VerkehrsClub Deutschland”) offers an orientation to the Internet portal “Better E-Bike Purchases”. In addition to classic consumer information, there is information on the range of e-wheels, battery capacities, weight, ergonomics and legal issues such as insurance. The special highlight of the website is a so-called type test.

This gives concrete help for the purchase decision and shows what needs to be done in detail and individually. Because which E-wheel is the right thing depends very much on personal preferences and the areas of application. In addition to the helpful advice on purchase and use, the comprehensive e-wheel database forms the core of the portal.

This database has been updated in cooperation with the online market survey »GreenFinder« and now comprises over 9,600 e-wheel models, including more than one thousand newcomings of the season 2017. Many technical details as well as information on the purchase price facilitate consumers in the growing variety of models the right E-wheel.

In addition to the latest trend on the bicycle market, the VCD, the VCD provides extensive information – for private as well as for commercial users. For this purpose, there is a market overview, especially on e-bikes, as well as a nationwide round-the-clock search for the next bicycle dealer, which offers bicycles for testing.

In this way, families who want to test how the family purchase can be transported by means of a load wheel or couriers and craftspeople who want to convert from the car find fast and uncomplicated offers in their vicinity.

further information: to the database of the VCD (german)

Claus-Detlev Bues

Claus-Detlev Bues

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