Webasto presents the new ThermoCall heating controller as an app for smartphones and tablets. (Photo: manufacturerer)

Webasto presents the new ThermoCall heating controller as an app for smartphones and tablets. (Photo: manufacturerer)

Webasto regulates with ThermoCall heatings via an app

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Webasto presents the new ThermoCall app for controlling vehicle heating systems.

The application for smartphones is available now free of charge in the App Store of Google and timely also with Apple for the download. New features increase flexibility and thanks to the thought-out menu navigation, customers who rarely use mobile devices can immediately get on with all the settings.

One of the highlights of the new app is the intelligent weather alarm. Based on the current location of the smartphone, the application determines a local weather forecast. The user is then reminded by a push notification to program the heating.

From which temperature the message occurs, the user can decide for himself. The fact that it is very comfortable to get into a warm car on uncomfortable, wet-cold autumn days, knows everyone who has already used a heater.

Its strengths are played by the heating system even in ice and snow: because no cold start occurs, the engine is protected, the windows do not have to be scraped and the interior is pleasantly tempered.

A further plus for customers whose cars are equipped with the ThermoCall Advanced and additionally with “Webasto Individual Select” is the demand-oriented use of the heating system. The app allows the customer to decide which of the three available heating modes he needs every day: “Standard” mode ensures free windows, a warm interior and engine pre-heating.

The mode “Kombi” prioritizes a warm interior as well as the window de-icing and then warms the engine time-delayed. Finally, the “interior” mode is used for fast window de-icing and indoor heating.

If you prefer a long-term plan, the timer integrated into the app can be programmed up to seven days in advance and is reminded in time to switch on the heating.

Up to two vehicles can be controlled simultaneously with the application. With a few clicks, different, vehicle-specific settings are made. The temperature of the indoor room also allows users to query the smartphone and control the heating time management system.

Webasto has also thought of customers who want a reduced menu and only want to use the basic functions. Users who have installed the ThermoCall Entry control unit in their vehicle can only switch the heating on and off via the smartphone.

If you do not have heating, you can see the demo of the new ThermoCall app. Through the dealer search in the application, the user workshops find in their vicinity, which make the installation of a Webasto heating system fast and uncomplicated.

further information: to the website of Webasto (english)

Claus-Detlev Bues

Claus-Detlev Bues

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